SuiteTalk Routing Issues

My company has been partially live on NetSuite for the last 6 Months. Let me quickly explain what I mean by partially live. We have been using a custom developed business system that has gone through multiple iterations over the last 18 years. That system is simply too big to move to NetSuite in one shot. So we are segmenting our move by module. To date, we have moved our accounting functions from Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains into NetSuite. But that leaves the bulk of our business processes outside NetSuite in our existing legacy app.

To facilitate our transition to NetSuite, we are using SuiteTalk to synchronize data in both directions between NetSuite and our legacy app. This has presented several headaches. Here is one of the bigger ones.

In order to bind our SuiteTalk app to NetSuite’s web service, we require the URL of their web service. To NetSuite’s credit, they try to make that URL datacenter agnostic, However, on more than one occasion, this URL has failed to work.

In our first outage, we were told that the northwest data center (NA2) was having routing issues. We were given a workaround URL that pointed directly to the NA 2 data center, This solved our problem, and we were told to give NetSuite several days to correct this open “defect” and then we should rebind our SuiteTalk app to the datacenter agnostic URL. We complied.

This was all good, until our second outage. We had been informed that NA2 was doing testing overnight on their upgrade to web service security (the TLS 1.2 protocol upgrade). This was only a test, and all would be back to normal the following day. As you can imagine, it was not. The next day, and after hours on the phone with NetSuite support, we found the routing issue was back. The interesting thing about this was that both URLs would allow for a connection. And the URL worked fine in a POSTMAN (software used by NetSuite to test my connection) test. However, my SuiteTalk app would log in but then fail to execute any service. In my case, this was a call to

I’m currently up and running with the workaround, and NetSuite is looking into the problem. But I’d also like to point out that my outage is not reflected in NetSuite’s status website, This site continues to show no issues with the NA2 data center’s SuiteTalk connections. And, their overall uptime for SuiteTalk is shown as 99.99%. Personally, I’m questioning that statistic.

In summary, I’m happy with NetSuite. It’s a good platform and they are heading in the right direction. I just felt that there might be others out there having similar issues and it might be nice to get a head’s up from a fellow user.


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