SCA Kilimanjaro in Sandbox

If you are installing SuiteCommerce Advanced in your NetSuite sandbox and you want the latest version (Kilimanjaro), there’s something you need to know.

First, you will find that Kilimanjaro is available to install in your production account, but not in your sandbox. Second, if you install it in production and then refresh your sandbox, it won’t transfer back from production to sandbox. There’s no trace of it in your sandbox when the refresh completes.

The only way to get SCA Kilimanjaro installed in your sandbox is by installing it directly in your sandbox. To find and install it, you must look for the bundle ID, not by name. The ID is 194217.

When I inquired with NetSuite about this issue, they responded that SCA Kilimanjaro is “provisioned separately in sandbox and production.” Hmmmm…. an explanation significantly lacking in detail.

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