Magento V2 API in C# – Where’s my attributes?

So you’ve figured out how to pull a list of products from Magento, but you don’t see any of your custom attributes. The problem: You’ve got to ask for them.

First, get a list of the attributes you’ve defined. The list you get from here can be cut and pasted into your code.


Here’s the code that pulls products AND requested attributes.

MagentoService client = new MagentoService();
sessionID = client.login(…);

//filters… see Magento V2 API Filters in C# – Simple Example
catalogProductEntity[] productList = client.catalogProductList(sessionID, filters, null);

catalogProductRequestAttributes attributes =
new catalogProductRequestAttributes()
additional_attributes = new string[] {

foreach (catalogProductEntity entity in productList)
catalogProductReturnEntity productInfo = client.catalogProductInfo(sessionID, entity.product_id, null, attributes, null);


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