Why is My Transaction so Slow?

Opening a sales order can be painful. My coworkers have mentioned that response times can get really lengthy. I’m a developer. So I wonder, “Is it one of my scripts that’s causing this?  How can I tell?” I’ve come up with a method that lets me put my finger on the culprit!

First, make sure you’ve installed the APM bundle. Disclaimer: According to NetSuite’s experts at SuiteWorld 2018, APM simply reads log files. It does not add additional overhead to your already slow transactions. And, since it simply reads log files, there is no risk to install it on a production system. I installed it during the day while I was out of the office at SuiteWorld.

Once you get APM installed, open the Page Time Summary page.

Customization >> Performance >> Page Time Summary

Select a transaction that is giving you problems and a timeframe representative of normal operations.

Page Time Summary Parameters

In the detail section of this screen, click the icon to download the raw data.

Transaction Detail

After I exported to Excel, I deleted the first 2 columns, date/time and email address. Those are unimportant. Next, I formatted my headings and froze the top row. Then I sorted the TOTAL column in descending order. This brought the poorest performing transactions to the top.

Excel Export

Here’s where the magic starts! Select all the cells in the range A2 through column E and the last row of your data.

Excel Selected Cells

Go to the Home tab in Excel and click on Conditional Formatting >> New Rule.

Conditional Formatting

Create a rule that changes the background color of cells from light to dark based on the value in the cell. This makes it easy to see what is causing response times to elongate.

Color Selection

Once you apply this rule, here’s what you see.

Color Coded Response Times

As I review this dataset, I see that as response time decreases the column for “Server Time” also decreases. All other columns remain relatively neutral (unchanging/random).

Please note: This is not saying I couldn’t improve response times by streamlining client scripts or server-side SuiteScripts. Obviously, that is true. What it says is that when my coworkers are getting elongated response times, it is the actual server at NetSuite that is contributing the most to the lengthy response.

For me, it might be time to call NetSuite!

2 thoughts on “Why is My Transaction so Slow?

  1. Liam says:

    Right, I believe this is a real flaw. Typcially the time taken between customer name/number entry on a sales order and the time where the rest of the form can accept data entry is 7 seconds. I believe this is because of the OneWorld functionality and NS is doing a few things that seem to take it time: ( alligning customer and subsidiary and tax nexus information, as well as Dept/class (location). Can you assist me in understanding this by telling me if you are using a single legal entity instance or a NetSuite instance with OneWorld.


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