Office 365 Add-Ins – Cannot Access Store

I searched the web over and found nothing on this topic. A lot of articles were close, but no cigar. After about 4 hours of reading, I stumbled onto a fix.

I wanted to create a map of addresses in Excel. As of Office 2013, this was available via a “Bing Maps” add-in which was preinstalled. However, mine wouldn’t open. This was the error I saw when I added a Bing Map to a spreadsheet…

Bing Maps Error

After attempting to unblock the add-in, I found it was not on the list. Stupified! I even went so far as to upgrade to Office 365 and remove all previous versions of Office. Timeconsuming. Again… No change!

So I removed the Bing Maps add-in and tried to reinstall. I found it under “My Add-Ins”. I right-clicked and removed it.

My Addins Dropdown

Once it was gone, I clicked on the “Store” icon, which is just above “My Add-ins.” Here is what I saw. This was starting to look like a firewall issue or a security setting.

Content Cannot be Displayed

Interestingly enough, the “Open this content in a new window” link also didn’t work. It did nothing.

And now I’ll cut the crud and tell you what fixed this. Perhaps you’ll recognize the solution…

Internet Options >> General Tab >> Browsing History section >> Delete

Internet Options Delete

Yep! You got it. After 4 hours of research and fiddling with my PC settings, this was the fix. Who knows what other issues I’ve created with all the fiddling? Unbelievable!

Anyway… hope this helps.




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