SuiteTalk – Custom Lists Example in C#

Here is an example of code I use to read any custom list and create a Dictionary<string, long> of the result.

Custom lists can be found at: Customization >> List, Records, & Fields >> Lists


Here is an example of a custom list:

Custom List Example

Simply call this method, passing the scriptId of the list you want to be returned as a Dictionary<string, long>.

VS Method

Here is the code so you can paste it into your project:

public static Dictionary<string, long> GetCustomListValues(
NetSuiteService service, string custom_list_name)
Dictionary<string, long> results = new Dictionary<string, long>();

CustomListSearchBasic basic = new CustomListSearchBasic()
scriptId = new SearchStringField()
@operator = SearchStringFieldOperator.@is
operatorSpecified = true
searchValue = custom_list_name

service.tokenPassport = NSExtensions.TBAtoken.createTokenPassport();
SearchResult result =;

if (result.status.isSuccess)
RecordRef recordRef = new RecordRef();
recordRef.internalId = ((CustomList) result.recordList[0]).internalId;
recordRef.type = RecordType.customList;
recordRef.typeSpecified = true;

service.tokenPassport = NSExtensions.TBAtoken.createTokenPassport();
ReadResponse response = service.get(recordRef);

if (response.status.isSuccess)
CustomList list = (CustomList) response.record;
foreach (CustomListCustomValue value in list.customValueList.customValue)
results.Add(value.value, value.valueId);

return results;


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