NetSuite Hosting Changes – Very Positive!

I’ve discussed NetSuite’s performance in several previous blogs. My complaint has been the consistency of response times. They vary wildly! To NetSuite’s credit, they have addressed the problem and the results are positive.

On May 15th, I received this notice. Changes were coming.

Admin Notice

Today, June 4th, I checked to see how we are doing after the change. Here’s a quick look. No change would mean we’d still see transactions with the highest response times wandering up in the 20 to 30-second range. Improvements would come in the form of reducing the standard deviation and making all transactions fall more consistently under 10 seconds.

And now… drum roll please… the results.

Heat Map

This is the last 7 days of our worst performing transaction, saving a sales order. The sample set is small, but the improvements in performance and consistency are huge.

I’ll remind you that the column titled “Server” includes times shown under “SuiteScript” and “Workflow.” That’s why I split out those 2 columns. I’ll also note that what I’d observed in the past was elongated server times which also elongated SuiteScript and workflow time. The problem, the server (shared host) was way too busy. And utilization was driven by multiple shared tenants simultaneously posting a flurry of transactions.

NetSuite’s change, reducing the number of shared tenants per host, appears to have been a good one. My notes that came from SuiteWorld 2019 discussed Oracles investment to NetSuite. This was one of the areas where Oracle was injecting capital. I’d say, this is turning out to be a winner! Way to go Mark Hurd.

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