How to SuiteTalk your Sandbox

Over the two and a half years that I’ve been writing SuiteTalk, I’ve hit about every problem imaginable connecting SuiteTalk to my sandbox. I’m afraid if I started listing them, it would only frustrate me further. So I’m just going to give myself a comprehensive cheat sheet. And, I’m inviting you to cheat off my cheat sheet. Why not?

I didn’t think that I needed to recreate my integration and access token each time I refreshed my sandbox, but as of publishing this post, I did. Here is a complete checklist so that next time I can save lots of time.

1. Create a new Integration: Setup >> Integrations >> Manage Integrations >> New

New Integartion

2. When you click Save, record the following. You’ll only see it once.

Integration Details

3. Start a notepad file and paste in the details. You’ll need to save this somewhere where you can find it again.

Notepad V1

4. Create an Access Token: Setup >> Users/Roles >> Access Tokens >> New

Access Token Create

5. When you hit Save, record the details. You’ll only see it once.

Access Token Details

6. Put it in the same notepad file you created with the integration.

Notepad V2

7. Save these in your code along with your account id. In this case, I’m connecting to the sandbox, so I add “_SB1” to my sandbox account.

Save as Constants in Code

These constants get used when creating your token. I’ve written other posts on this.  See those for a copy of this code.

Create Token

8. Edit your web Reference URL to include your account number.

Web Reference Name

Hit F4 to view properties.

Web Reference Properties

9. When you run your application, if you are using the same DataCenterAwareNetSuiteService class that I use, then you’ll see the following. It is a combination of the URL you bind your Visual Studio project to and the data center agnostic URL.

Split URL

To understand where this URL comes from, see line 11 above.

FYI… I’m deleting this integration and access token. You’ll need to get your own. Hope this saves us both some time in the future. I’ve wasted enough time on this for both of us!



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