SuiteScript & SuiteTalk – Cannot Access Sublist Field

This one is obvious, and yet it got me again. You save a sublist field on a transaction. Then you go to read it back and it’s not there. What the heck happened? There never was an error message indicating something went wrong.

Here’s an example event script. It is not a fully working example. It just highlights the problem.

code example

The problem is this. In whatever form you execute your event script, the sublist field you are updating is not exposed. To correct this…

If you are trying to write to the field using SuiteScript. Edit the form where you are running your event script.

Customize Form

Go to the sublist fields tab.

Sublist Fields tab

Make sure the field you are updating is visible in the form. This is set via a checkbox.

For SuiteTalk, make sure when you create your transaction (in this case a sales order) that you are using a form where the field is visible. You must specify the form by its internal ID.


Both of these scenarios result in no error and no action!

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