Modifying Estimate Statuses

Here is another one of those things that is ridiculously easy to do and hard to find in the documentation. I found it once, but when I went back to make a change… Well.. frustration!

I wanted to add a status to an estimate. We have this concept of an estimate being in “Draft” status. Where is that change made? Oh… and we call our estimates quotations.

Status on Quote

This list is found under Setup >> Sales >> Customer Statuses. Of course! How could I miss it (to be read in a very facetious tone)?

Menu options

Here is where I added “Draft” and set its probability.

Customer Status List

I searched the web for “estimate statuses”, “transaction statuses”, “document statuses” and many other permutations. And… No luck. Hopefully next time, I’ll find this blog post!

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