Updated NetSuite Sync Quick Start

I’m working from home due to the COVID-19 lockdown in our area. This forced me to revisit installing NetSuite Sync. Here is my updated quick start. It’s gotten easier.

NetSuite Sync is a tool that allows you to upload files from your computer to the NetSuite file cabinet. As a developer, I use it to update JavaScript files I’m writing to the cloud.

Here is my original blog post on this topic.


Skip the part about using Git Bash… that was unnecessary. Just set the environment variable as I’ve done below. Remember to say NO to “Sandbox Account?” whether you intend to connect to Sandbox or not. Also, if you are connecting to your sandbox, then the next question will be “Select an Account.” That’s where you pick a sandbox account.

The image below is from within vsCode where I’ve opened a terminal window and installed NetSuite Sync.

NetSuite Sync - How To

Also, don’t forget to set the keyboard shortcut so you can upload via [ctl] + [alt] + u.

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