SuiteScript – Reading Cookies Server-Side

Perhaps I’m missing something. However, I looked and could not find any support for reading cookies in a server-side script in SuiteScript. You can read request headers, but nothing on parsing cookies. Bummer!

My task at hand was saving state of check boxes in a Suitelet. Easy enough? Right? When you serve the page (server side), remember the settings in a cookie. Next GET request, set the check boxes using those cookies. But wait, NetSuite doesn’t appear to support cookies on the server side. In fact, even if you roll your own solution, you still can’t write to a cookie from server-side script.

Note: I’m a maintenance programmer on this example. My company hired a consultant to write this originally. So please let’s just stick to concepts and don’t throw any stones. And… It’s old enough, it’s SuiteScript 1.0. 

So the only apparent way to save checkbox state is to commandeer the submit event (client side) and write your cookies there. Here is a snippet of client script.

Client Side Snippet

When the page reaches the server, the cookies have been set and can be read like this.

Server Side Snippet

And finally, here is where I’m reading my checkbox values from the array of cookies created above. That array has a bunch of other stuff in there too (see all the blurred stuff in the request header shown below), so I need find my specific value from that list.


Another quirk of server-side script is that many of the array functions you’re used to on the client side are not available on the server side. Yet another bummer!

Here is the request header passed from client to server. My cookies live at the bottom.

Request Header

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