SuiteScript N/Search – Grouping Numeric Formula Columns

I wanted a Suitelet that showed rolled up totals based on the expected close date on quotes, by month. There were 2 gotchas in this process. First, how to pull out the month in a search column, and secondly, how to roll that up. Here’s how I did it.

To pull the month out of a date field in a search column, use a numeric formula shown below. Names of numeric formulas must begin with ‘formulanumeric’. This same example will work if you use ‘formulatext’, but won’t roll up.

    name: ‘formulanumeric1′,
formula: ‘EXTRACT(MONTH FROM {expectedclosedate})

Here is an example of how I used this. I’m pushing my results into an INLINEHTML field.

Grouping Formulas

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