SuiteScript – Referencing Columns in a Saved Search

This IS documented in SuiteAnswers. However, it took more than a minute to find. So here is my simplified version of “How to load and run a saved search referencing multiple formula columns from SuiteScript 2.0 code.”

Here is my saved search. You’ll notice it has multiple formula columns.

The problem is this. What are my column names. It’s possible to execute result.getValue(‘formulacurrency’). However, it is not possible to excute result.getValue(‘formulacurrency1’) or result.getValue(‘formulacurrency_1’). Neither work.

If you press into debugger to see the column names, you run out of luck.

Moving back one level in the call-stack and looking at mySearch, you see that all columns have been defined , some without a distinct name, all include the distinct formula.

So the solution to how to reference all formula columns is this.


I hope this gets you across the finish line. Happy coding!

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