Transactions may not reflect item setting changes

Here’s a gotcha! Changing a setting on a group item after you’ve added it to a transaction may not get reflected in your transaction going forward.

A perfect example of this is the setting “Display components on Transactions” checkbox in “item Groups”. If you print your transactions using a standard print template, you’ll probably want this checkbox unchecked. This prints just the group item, no subitems.

If you print your transactions using an Advanced PDF/HTML template, you will probably want this checked, so you can add up the total of all subitems and print it as the total for the group.

This become problematic when you switch from a standard print template to an advanced template. This is huge, so don’t miss it!!!!!

Any transaction that had that a group item added to it prior to changing that checkbox, remembers the previous setting. So copying an old transaction where the checkbox was checked yields the same setting on the line item in the copy. HUGE!!!

I’ve wasted way too much time tracking down group items that don’t print correctly after swapping from a basic print template to an advance print template. Hopefully this saves you and me both wasted time tracking this down in the future.

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