SuiteScript – Find Sublist Line by Value

This one eluded me. I needed to update Item Pricing records under a customer. So how to avoid iterating through every item in the sublist in order to find the line to update? Here’s the secret!

  • Load the customer using isDynamic = false (Standard Mode)
  • Lookup the line number of the line you need update using record.findSublistLineWithValue()
  • Then simply update the line just like you always do using the line number (zero based offset).

Here is a code example.

Here is the code in a format that you can cut and paste.

var customer = record.load({
    type: record.Type.CUSTOMER,
    id: kvp.customer_id,
    isDynamic: false

    function (pricing_item) {
        if (pricing_item.hasOwnProperty('unit_price')) {

            var lineNumber = customer.findSublistLineWithValue({
                sublistId: 'itempricing',
                fieldId: 'item',

            if (lineNumber >= 0) {
                    sublistId: 'itempricing',
                    fieldId: 'price',
                    line: lineNumber,
                    value: pricing_item.unit_price

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