NetSuite Upload Permissions & How to troubleshoot TBA

I just got off the phone with Jason at NetSuite support. Thank you Jason! I’d called several months ago when initially setting up NetSuite Upload. In order to save a callback when reinstalling, I wrote a blog article with required steps. After refreshing out sandbox, I followed my steps, but without success. Unfortunately, I’d missed a step. I omitted permissions.

This call turned out to be a positive experience, because Jason taught me how to troubleshoot Token Based Authentication problems. So in this post, I’ll share the missing permission, and I’ll share how to troubleshoot any token based application like this one.

Start here if you are initially installing NetSuite Upload:

So how did we find the missing permissions? Step 1: Determine if we were logging in successfully or not. To do that we did the following:

  • Create a saved search on “Login Audit Trail” records
  • Add Detail, Token-based Access Token Name. Token-based Application Name in the results columns
  • Sort by Date descending

What we saw was my TBA user had successfully logged in. TBA was working! This prompted us to look further into the Restlet called by NetSuite Upload, vscodeExtensionRestlet.js. To do that, we opened its script deployment and reviewed the execution log sublist. That made it abundantly clear we were missing the “Allow JS/HTML Upload” permission on the user. That’s the user I’d assigned in step 2 of the previous post (where I created the Access Token).

So the tricks are… Write an ad hoc saved search on the login audit trail, and review the detail. If you’ve successfully logged in, then keep digging into the application, in this case it was a restlet, and see what’s breaking there.

Happy coding!

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