Troubleshooting NetSuite Integrations

I recently ran into an issue where a new integration wasn’t doing what it was supposed to. During debugging I learned some tips and tricks that I don’t want to forget.

In my case, I was dealing with a Hubspot integration where I was synchronizing contacts from NetSuite to Hubspot. Initially, I installed a Hubspot bundle. Let’s start there.

Customization >> SuiteBundler >> Search and Install Bundles >> List

Open the Hubspot bundle. Review the Components tab.

You can see that this bundle includes a couple of JavaScript Restlets. Restlets are stateless APIs. It is important to note that Restlets are not scheduled, and are not triggered on events. They simply sit and wait for requests, in this case from Hubspot. So let’s start by looking at the integration.

Setup >> Integration >> Manage Integrations

I clicked on Hubspot Sync. Look at the “Execution Log” tab. There are 3 subtabs.

You may be asking yourself about the REJECTEDACCOUNTCONCURRENCY status. It’s not a problem, so let’s table that for now.

If you click on the “view” links under both request and response, you can see the SOAP request and response to Hubspots API calls. Remember, the Restlet is stateless and simply responds to requests from an outside entity (Hubspot).

If you click on the REST Web Services subtab, you see more of the same. However, there is more detail if you drill into the “view” links under both request and response columns.

Let’s look at a request.

And here is the response.

This is a great place to review communication to and from your integration. And now back to the REJECTEDACCOUNTCONCURRENCY status that we saw earlier.

In a standard NetSuite installation, you are allowed 5 concurrent transactions. It is my understanding this includes UI interactions. So if 2 people hit enter at the same time, that counts for 2. If you have multiple integrations, like Hubspot, each call to an API also counts as 1. So in our case, we have enough users and integrations that we hit our concurrency limit from time to time. This is normal!

If you want more info on all of your integrations, look here.

Setup >> Integration >> SOAP Web Services Usage Log

And the final thing I’ll point out is how you tell what your concurrency limit is. Look at any of your integrations. This is where it will show you your max concurrency limit.

Oh… One more thing… Here is a great place to see how often an API request is rejected.

Setup >> Integration >> Integration Governance

If you think you are having a problem, look here.

Customization >> Performance >> Concurrency Monitor

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