SuiteQL: Invalid number of parameters. 

This error was so hard to find, I thought I’d document it. The error message read: “Invalid number of parameters. Expected: 0. Provided: 3

I was coding a SuiteQL query in SuiteScript Version 2.0. Here’s an example.

If you happen to make the mistake I made and add an extra comma at the end of one of the column definitions, BOOM!

This is relatively easy to spot is a small query. However, in a much larger query with lots of columns, it’s easy to miss. I’ll attest to that. Here is the code in case you want to try this at home.

    function (query) {

        const MY_SQL_CONSTANT = 
        "select " +
        "      BUILTIN.DF(tl.item) as item_name\n" +
        "    , tl.linesequencenumber as line\n" +
        "from transactionline tl\n" +
        "where tl.transaction = ? " +
        "   and tl.item is not null " +
        "order by tl.linesequencenumber";

        var results = query.runSuiteQL({
            query: MY_SQL_CONSTANT, 
            params: [your transaction id here]



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