GitHub Local Repository on Microsoft OneDrive – I’m out!

I’m a developer who bounces back and forth between working at the office and working from home. I have a full developer setup in both places. I know… “First world problems!” Because I work in the cloud, publishing JavaScript files to NetSuite, I noticed files were checking in and out of GitHub on both systems, but did not match what I last uploaded to NetSuite. What was going on?

Using remote access from home to my office, I did a couple of tests.

  • I trued up source code at home, in the office, and in NetSuite. (WinMerge will compare files in 3 directories).
  • I modified one JavaScript file at home and checked it in.
  • I pushed changes to the remote repository on GitHub.
  • I pulled from my office computer. Changes came through.
  • I modified the file again in the office, checked back in and pushed to remote repository.
  • Pulled again from home. All was fine. Changes were there.
  • I came back a few minutes later on the same home computer and changes were gone!!!!!
  • Both systems were saying they were fully up to date with the same repository on GitHub (remote).
  • The same file on home and office were not in sync.
  • I deleted the local repository on my office computer, and cloned it again outside of OneDrive.
  • Interestingly enough, my home computer then prompted with a pull request and proceeded to update the file which had been out of sync, and replaced it with the correct version. Again, this was my home computer! Crazy.

This was such an odd situation, I thought I’d document it. I’ll add, and I have no real understanding of this, my new rule is, “I’m already saving updated source code in the remote repository. What again is the point of OneDrive? So I’m now personally steering clear of OneDrive for my local repositories.” I don’t need any more hassles! I have enough writing software for a living.

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