If you found your way here, you’re wanting to know who, what, where, when or how about this site. Let me address that.

I’m a software developer that’s worked for several Fortune 200 companies in the midwest. I’ve also run my own consulting business for more than a decade. I’m currently working for Logic, Inc. in Olathe Kansas, where I’m the entire Business Operations department.

In my current role, I supported a homegrown CRM and quoting system when I arrived. It was written in Classic ASP and hosted on IIS 6. I replaced it with a CRM and quoting system written in C#.NET on top of a SplendidCRM open-source platform on Microsoft’s IIS 7 and SQL Server 2008 R2. And in October of 2017, I began moving our system to the cloud. By that, I mean the NetSuite/Oracle cloud. We are only partially done with that migration, so I live in a world now that includes the full Microsoft stack, and the full NetSuite stack (whatever that means!).

I have a son who works for a large web hosting company in New York City. We talk frequently about customer support. I do a lot of it for my company, and it’s my son’s full-time job. So we share stories.

In dealing with NetSuite, my company started as a self-service customer regarding our support contract. It was less than a pleasant experience. However, before we completed a year with NetSuite, we upped our contract to include premium support. It has improved my experience significantly. But this blog is a result of me wanting a forum, independent of NetSuite’s forums, where I could discuss my experiences. Of course, I’m also posting tips and code examples. Hopefully, it will save you the same headaches I had.

If you’ve found this page and invested the time to read to this point, feel free to follow me and ride along. I appreciate comments. I’m interested in your opinions about CRMs, the Microsoft web stack, and NetSuite/Oracle. Try me!

I hope you enjoy this blog.