How to Add a Module to NetSuite

I wanted to replicate the Seminars module we had in our existing CRM in NetSuite. We offer our clients seminars, both free and paid, and we schedule them from our website as well as from our internal CRM. As we migrate to the cloud, we needed to migrate the Seminars module. Here’s how I did that.

I created 3 custom record types:

  1. Seminars – a list of each individual seminar we offer.
  2. Seminar Schedules – occurrences of seminars, past and future.
  3. Seminar Registrations – attendees of seminars.

Custom Record Types

A Seminar is the parent of a Seminar Schedule is the parent of a Seminar Registration.

Parent Record Definition

In order to get my Seminars module to show up on a menu somewhere, I added it as a link in several centers.


And finally, the lists of child items, meaning Seminar Schedules under Seminars, and Seminar Attendees under Seminar Schedules, they show up in the “Custom Tab.” So I renamed the custom tab “Details” and I moved it to show up first.

Entry Form Custom Tab

Here’s what that looks like when its all done.

Seminars Form Completed

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