SuiteTalk – When to switch endpoints?

I’m constantly writing about little things that cause me lots of grief. Here’s another. I use a lot of SuiteTalk (SOAP) services to move data between our legacy systems and the cloud. Out of the blue, I began getting a 403 Forbidden rejection. I’d been warned that changes were coming with 2-Factor authentication. This particular program was not using TBA. So I began to diagnose it. I tried different credentials. I converted the app to TBA (Token-Based Authentication). No change. I wasted a ton of time. After contacting NetSuite and going through my long list of debugging steps, I swapped endpoints, and amazingly enough, it worked. 

The problem: When our account was upgraded to 2019.1, I swapped endpoints (WSDLs)

https://%5Bmy acct #]

I thought keeping my SOAP endpoints in sync with the latest release was what I was supposed to do. WRONG! Apparently, 2019.1 is still in beta. So my 403 error was caused by my endpoint dropping offline for whatever reason. It’s beta. No foul.

So how can we developers know when it’s time to swap endpoints? Great question, I’m glad you asked. At this time, it appears the answer is either “Don’t swap” or “Swap at your own peril.”

When I asked NetSuite this question, here was their answer, “Please see the latest support article letting you know that 2019.1 is available but in beta (SuiteAnswers #31710).

In the second section (you must page down to see it), you’ll see that the endpoint is still in beta.

SuiteAnswers 31710

Here’s another way to tell if your endpoint is in beta. Don’t miss this one (I’m saying this very facetiously). Open your endpoint’s URL in a browser. Look! There’s a notice. How did I miss that?

Endpoint in Beta

Anyway… thank you for being there for me (as my underpaid therapist). Many thanks!

Hope this never happens to you.


One thought on “SuiteTalk – When to switch endpoints?

  1. Thanks for the article! I was actually trying to figure out what NetSuite means by “endpoint.” I was suspecting that this was just the WSDL, so now I know. 🙂


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