NetSuite – Calculating Shipping Costs in Sandbox

Why can’t I calculate shipping in sandbox? How can I test that shipping rates change when I change the shipping method? In sandbox, I get this nebulous error: “Could not calculate cost for the selected Realtime rate. UPS did not return any rates for the specified origin and destination addresses.”

There are two places to configure shipping in NetSuite. I’m referencing these from the Administrator role.

  • Setup >> Accounting >> Shipping – where you define your shipping carrier information
  • Lists >> Accounting >> Shipping Items – where you define the delivery methods (like ground, next day air, etc.)

When you refresh your sandbox, most of the carrier info gets transferred, but not all of it. And it is possible that when you setup your carrier info in sandbox, you’ll need special accounts (test accounts) from your carriers.

Since sandbox is not production, but you still need to test, you can simply set unique rates for each of your shipping items. That way, when you change from UPS Ground to 2nd Day air, shipping cost will change. It won’t be correct, but who cares? It’s sandbox! Here is where you’ll do that under the shipping item.

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