SuiteScript – Disable buttons until the page loads?

Here is a very complex problem with a very simple solution. I wasted way too much time trying to understand how to protect my users from clicking a <button> tag in my inline HTML before the NetSuite page had fully loaded. Disabling the button and then enabling it after the page loads? That didn’t work. Managing the event queue? Uh… No, that’s a dead end.

Here is the super-secret handshake! Don’t use <button> tags. Use what NetSuite uses, <input type=”button”> instead. No other code is required.

Using the latter, your buttons are automatically disabled until the page fully loads. In my case, using <button> tags left the tags clickable, and when clicked, it redirected my page to a brand new transaction, instead of editing an existing transaction. Very (very) frustrating!

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